Healthcare Team

Health Visitors

The Health Visiting team is a skill mix of Health Visitors, Community Staff Nurse and Community Nursery nurse and a healthcare support worker. We deliver our service through the Healthy Child Programme in partnership with parents, carers and families. Our aim is to help children under 5 avoid illness and stay healthy.

Health Visitors are registered nurses with specialist qualifications in child and family health and wellbeing.

A Community Staff Nurse is a registered nurse with additional experience in maternal and child health and development.

A Community Nursery Nurse is qualified in childcare and development with training in prevention of sleep and behaviour problems and promotion of healthy eating.

The health visiting team also works in partnership with the Windmill Children's Centre, Long Lane Bursledon. We work closely with GPs, hospitals, midwives, school nurses, speech and language therapists, Children's Services, pre-schools and schools in promoting health and wellbeing of young children. Contact with the health visitor begins in pregnancy and ends when a child enters primary school.

Contact us:

Southern Parishes Duty Health Visitor Telephone Line - Mon - Fri 9.00 am - 5.00 pm : 023 8047 5177


Attached Staff

School Nurses

The School Nursing Service works in partnership with children, young people and their families to ensure that children's health needs are supported within their school and community.

How can we help?

School Nurses also work closely with Education, Social Care and other health professionals, to help children and young people to remain healthy and to ensure that key areas of a child's development and welfare are met.

School Nurses provide :

  • Important health information to children during their transition periods (Reception and year 6/7)
  • Immunisations within school as directed by Public Health England
  • Safeguarding for Children and Young People
  • and now provide a free texting service for 11 - 19 year olds who wish to talk to a school nurse.  The ChatHealth number is : 07507 332160

School Nurse Website can be found at

The School Nursing Team includes :

1 Clinical Team Leader

2 School Nurses

5 Community Staff Nurses

2 Nursery Nurses

3 School Nurse Assistants

1 School Nurse Administrator


Community Independence Team

The Community Independence Team (CIT) is the new name for Hampshire County Council's Community Innovations Team. CIT is a multi-disciplinary service designed to support older people and those over 55 to maintain independence. There is no charge for this service.

Who can access CIT?

People aged 55 or over, who do not meet Hampshire County Council Adult Services 'eligibility criteria' for access to care services but who are experiencing difficulties maintaining their independence and wellbeing.

How does it work?

For every individual, CIT provides an assessment of their situation and planned support to enable them to maintain independence.

There is no cost for the involvement and time of the Community Independence Team, although individuals may have to meet costs associated with any community resources and services they subsequently decide to access.

CIT teams have a broad knowledge of the local voluntary social care sectors, community groups and primary health services in particular awareness of the needs and issues faced by those over 55 – the teams are committed to enabling people to experience an improved quality of life and well-being.

The Community Independence Team is a preventative service designed to support people's independence and reduce the likelihood of them requiring Adult Services' care management involvement. Through providing trusted support, information and advice, CIT enables people to access community resources and services, build confidence and capacity for independence and maintain wellbeing.

They can be contacted direct on: 01590 625112

These are the locality's CIT: Cathy Dunne - Care Manager (Based at Botley Surgery 01489 790902)