Research: Immune Defence Study (IDS)

The Immune Defence Study (IDS) is a research programme managed by the University of Southampton.

Its aim is to to see if nasal sprays, getting active and reducing stress help people get fewer and less severe infections such as flu, colds and similar respiratory infections.


How do I take Part?

Eligible patients will be invited via SMS in March 2023. Once you have received the invitation SMS message:

  • Sign up to the Survey using the link within the invitation SMS. You will then receive an email with a unique PARTICIPANT CODE.
  • Please go to
  • The first time you visit the website you will need to SIGN UP (rather than log in). You will only need to sign up once.
  • When you sign up you will be asked to enter your name, your PARTICIPANT CODE, your email address and to create a password. (After you have signed up, you will use your email address and password whenever you log in.)
  • After you have signed up you will be asked a few questions so we can make sure the study is right for you. You will find out straight away if you are able to take part.


For more information on this research study, please go to the Immune Defence Study (IDS) website.



This page was last updated: March 2023